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Model 23

Powerful water heating stove adjusted to primary heating. Inside water system (stainless steel) is prepared for connection to a 500 L water tank. The stove is equipped with a main damp that controls the heat supply to the water heating system.

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to build a stove in this particular house. The house is unique of its kind as every single material in the entire construction has been carefully selected considering the environmental aspects. The customer searched for an efficient and green heating source and chose Ekonomka massive stoves AB. 

Bottom size:  1,43x1,17 m. Height:  1,62 m. Weight: 4200 kg.

Bakery oven size:  35x52 cm, wood length: 45 cm.

Connection to chimney: on top.

Fire place door:  410x410 mm with ceramic glass.

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm with ceramic glass.

Cooling off period: about 2 days.

Price: 139995 SEK, 21255 EUR.

Built in: Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden.

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