Model 20

Powerful water heating stove with stone bakery oven.
Double wall stove ( red bricks and chamotte bricks).

The stove is adjusted to primary heating. The inside water system (stainless steel) is connected to a 500 l water tank. The stove is equipped with a main damp that controls the heat supply to the water heating system.

The stove is also equipped with ”wings”, which makes the further construction of the house easier. Building ”wings” next to a stove enables you to adjust your house so that every room gets heat from the stove. A very flexible way in other words.

Bottom size:  1,17x1,30 m. Height: 196 (162) cm.

Weight: 5000 kg, bakery oven size:  35x68 cm.

Wood length: 50 cm.

Connection to chimney: on top.

Fire place door:  290x350 mm with ceramic glass.

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm cast iron.

Cooling off period: About 2 days.

Price: 170000 SEK 19028 EUR

Built in: Hösserud, Värmland.