Model 15

Powerful heating stove with cast iron stove top, bakery oven, frying oven and water heater for domestic needs. The stove is adjusted to primary heating. All surfaces radiate heat after making a fire.

The water heater is made of stainless steel and is prepared for connection to a hot water tank containing about 200-300 litres.

Bottom size:  1,17x1,69 m.
Height: 2,1-2,2 m.
Weight: 5 500 kg.
Bakery oven size:  41x46 cm,wood size: 45 cm.

Connection to chimney:

Fire place door:  290x325 mm with ceramic glass.

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm cast iron or with ceramic glass.

Cast iron stove top:  460x700 cm. Frying oven:  290x245x415 cm. Cooling off period: 2 days.

Price:  189 900 SEK, 21095EUR.

Built in: Hörsne, Gotland.