Model 6

Large heating stove with cast iron stove top, bakery oven and frying oven

This stove serves as the primary heating source of a 140m2 house with a ceiling height measuring 2,6 m.

Fuel consumption during the swedish winter is about 15 kg of wood each day. No further heating is necessary.

Bottom size:  1,42x1,82 m

height:  2,1 m,

weight:  5 800kg,

bakery oven size: 0,4x1,1 m.

Connection to chimney: Connection possible on top or on any side.

Fire place door:  290x325 mm with ceramic glass.

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm with cast iron or ceramic glass.

Cast iron stove top:  470x700 mm. Frying oven: 245x290x415 mm. Door with ceramic glass. Wood size: 45-50 cm.

The back side has got an open fireplace suitable for cosy fires. Efficient heating fires are made
in the fire place on the front side.

Price: Total price: 223 500 SEK, 23 700 EUR

Built in: Boge, Gotland.