Modell 17

Powerful and efficient kitchen stove.

The stove is equipped with a large cast iron stove top radiating a lot of ”fast” heat. The massive brick walls keep the heat for about one day.

The fire place is built out of 65 mm chamotte bricks making the stove very durable for a long time.

The fire place can be used as a bakery oven or a grill after making a fire.

The Stove can be connected to an accumulating brick wall.


Bottom size: 65x98 cm

Height: 89 cm

weight: 900 kg

Connection to chimney: Connection on the back side.

Fire place door: 290x325 mm with ceramic glass.

Wood length 35 cm

Price: 48500 SEK, 5428 EUR

Built in: Boge, Gotland.