In the summer of 2010 we proudly raised the largest two chamber stove system in the western Europe.

The project took place in an old Dutch mill on the Island of Fårö, Gotland.  Once used in an Ingmar Bergman film, this building was now about to go through some changes to become a permanent house.

The project consists of two massive stoves standing on each other. Both stoves are connected to the same chimney channel together with an integrated mist channel.

It is possible to make fires in both stoves simultaneously and the entire system is supposed to be sufficient to serve as a primary heating source for the house even when the cold wind blows from the Baltic sea and when the winter is harsh.

The system requires no electricity whatsoever.

The amount of bricks used in the project reached up to the impressive 3000 and the total weight is about 15000kg.

Floor 1
Powerful heating stove with cast iron stove top, stone bakery oven and frying oven.

Red bricks and chamotte bricks.

The stove is adjusted to primary heating and all surfaces radiate heat after making a fire.

Bottom size:  1,17x1,69 m

Height:  2,1-2,2 m

weight: 5500 kg

Bakery oven size:  41x46 cm

Cast iron stove top:  460x700 cm

Frying oven:  290x245x415 cm

Wood lenght: 45 cm

Connection to chimney: on the top in this particular case

Fireplace door:  41x46 cm with ceramic glass

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm cast iron or with ceramic glass

Cooling off period: About 2 days.

Price: 189900 SEK, 21255 EUR

Built in: Fårö, Gotland


First floor backside.



First floor another side



First and second floor.

Second floor

Model 22

Second floor

Powerful heating stove with stone bakery oven and alarge cast iron fireplace door.

Bottom size:  1,68x0,77 m

Height:  2,1-2,2 m

weight: 4300 kg

Bakery oven size: 0,52x0,45 m.

Connection to chimney: Connection possible on top och or any side.

Fireplace door:  410x410 mm

Bakery oven door:  410x180/230x290 mm with ceramic glass

Wood lenght: 35 cm

Cooling off period: About 2 days


Built in: Fårö, Gotland





Second floor backside.
Fårö projekt